My search for creativity and its formula.

Is there really a formula for originality?

For a really long time I actually believed that originality was nothing but a mixture of things that already existed, and the formula for it was nothing but trying to hide as much as you could how much you got from something you love.

I, for example, always loved old child books. There was something in the way they could make me learn something simple if I simply read the pages and something profound if I actually took time and research into it, something magical. Of course every single think I tried to write was just as Alice’s adventures in Wonderland or Narnia and there was nothing I could do about it in the start, because that’s just how we learn.

As the time flew by I started to believe there was only a way to get original, and that was getting into those stories, reading as much as the genre as you could, and than, when you are totally in those worlds, you start to see the similarities, some…. common uses of some notions, words etc.

When the simple “write what is on your heart” is not enough for you, you start to think about a logical way to get there, originality is one of the most important parts of a story, after all.

And now I have this new philosophy. I simply believe that, just like before, there is nothing better than getting into those books! But, for a really original story, base it on something of yours. A simple example is peter pan based on the simple wish of never getting old. Search for something of yours, a feeling, a story, a memorie, than let this slowly fuse with the culture you jumped into.


Brazilian Music in English – A little bit of my culture.

Hey guys,

I know this is a blog mostly about books and poetry. But my main objective was to create something which I could see and say: “Hey, that’s me”. And I love music, I really do love it. I listen to a bunch of different sounds, but i guess the most distinguish for you would be the brazilian music. So here it is some of brazilian singers in english:

I don’t know in english, cause I never really caught time to listen to this albums and pay attention to the lyrics, but in portuguese the MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) is pure poetry.

Son of waves – A poem

Son of waves

When I stare into the sea

And I realize that what I see

Is actually me,

Cause as deep as it goes

As profound as it sounds

No matter if the wind blows

The sea is a mirror

Like the human nature

We live and reflect

It’s our behavior

But so much is left

Everyone is its own ocean

That takes what it must, and is taken

Think is so much, and are mistaken

We all search for a shore

We all look for something more

We want to find a home

We want to stop the waves

And live under the dome

But the sea keeps going

And that’s where we find out

That difference is flowing

Cause some were made to stay

And some were made to go

Some use the shore to play

And some never know

What we find out, eventually

Is that every ocean

Chooses is own path to show.

Friends – A poem

I had yo write it quick, so the blog had some post today, sorry for any mistake, I couldn’t review it.


Very deep, beneath the skin

Everyone has the one

Which the words are attractive as a sin

We wait till they come

We sit and play with our feelings

While they’re fixing theirs

And like mirror long broken

We fix into lairs

What once was just cracked

And we feel safe, carried

Cause what once lacked

Now show ourselves

Who we really are

Who we will be

No matter what scar

It will save me

Cause I’ve got my part back

What once was divided

Is not in track.

We were never one.

Learning a new language

Hey guys,

I was reading Jane Eyre, which I think is one of the best books i read in a long, long time and I just realized how much of culture i had received since I started to learn english. It takes an awful  amount of time to learn a new language, but it makes you conscientious of your surrounding.

You know that there are people in Germany, but you don’t know how they’re until you start to speak to those. I know a lot of people speak english, but still learning a new language is, besides a plus for the ones who like to know things just by the fact of knowing, a way to know more culture, more people.

You watch their videos on youtube, you see real people from the places they’re from, you listen to their music, you read the books in its “original form”.

So if you’re in doubt if you should learn a new language, do! You will learn way more then just another language, you’ll learn culture from other countries.

This concepts I find # 3 – Jane Eyre

Hey guys,

I am currently reading Jane Eyre, and just can’t pick one thing to put on this concepts I find.

I am in the beginning, so I am sorry if i didn’t pick something you really love about the book. I will write my opinion about it with some other things (will be the next post).

“Come, Miss Jane, don’t cry,” said Bessie as she finished. She might as well have said to the fire, “don’t burn!” but how could she divine the morbid suffering to which i was prey?”

And this thing I though was amazing:

“Children can feel, but they cannot analyse their feelings/ and if the analysis is partially  effected in thought, they know not how to express the result of the process  in words.

So, if you have something to say (because this was so perfectly put into the context I have nothing), just leave a comment.

Thanks Again,

Daniel Carvalho

This concepts i find #2 – love

Hey guys,

As some of you may know i started this series of posts where i share with you the concepts i find. If you found anything interesting in a book or anything, feel free to share, i would love to see it.

“One of the things that brings more sense to our existence is love”[…]

“What would be more traumatic, love and lose, or never had really loved? The answer to this question, so essential, so many times is close to our misunderstanding of what is “really love”. Almost always, we only noticed a real love after we lost it”

This i found in a book called “Amar e perder” which means “Love and Lose”. It’s a brazilian book so…. sorry if you wanted to read.

I think that though was just great. And I really believe that the part “Almost always, we only noticed a real love after we lost it” is poetic. I believe we start to feel nostalgic, we start to forget the things that made us feel bad. Just like we forget about the traumatic stuff.
What I am trying to say is that good things stay with us way more than bad stuff.

Thanks again,

Daniel Carvalho